I feel compelled to tell you that the video highlights is just utterly incredible! It has blown me away. I started watching this in the office and had to stop after about 1 minute because I was welling up! 

Wow, wow, wow – it is so artistic, so perfectly created and makes the whole day come alive again. All the details – the glances, the nods, the small gestures… it does what photos and cards and presents cannot; it relives the day. 

The scene with the sushi and the Long Room in the background – pure genius. The contrast between East and West and the blending of cultures, which was for us the most important thing, is encapsulated in that shot. 

I am sure Cornwall is all very nice and all but maybe it is time for you to head to Cannes, Venice, Toronto… or wherever else they have those prestigious Film Festivals? You have such an eye and such skill! God, we are glad we caught you before you become too famous! 

Thanks so much. I am not usually this gushing (I leave that to Tini) but it is really, really special.