Please read the following carefully and agree in the text box to confirm your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any variation to these agreements must be agreed in writing by all parties.

Booking confirmation & full payment:

  1. Please note your date has not been reserved until these terms and conditions have been agreed and a full deposit has been received unless other arrangements have been agreed.
  2. The balance payment is due from the 1st day of the calendar month before the wedding day, although please do wait until we’ve sent the invoice across.


  1. If the client cancels the wedding or this contract more than 3 months before the wedding date, a refund of all monies except the booking fee/deposit shall be refunded. If the client cancels the wedding or this contract less than 3 months before the wedding date, then 50% of the remaining balance will still be due to us to compensate for the loss of income.
  2. Cancellation or non-attendance by us would result in the full return of all monies received from the client. In the unfortunate event that we would have to cancel, due to illness, for example all efforts will be made to arrange for another videographer to cover the clients booking. However, if this cannot be achieved we shall not be held liable further than the refund of all paid monies.
  3. Equipment failure, including but not limited to memory card failure, is subject to a partial to full refund depending on the severity of the loss of footage. The severity of the loss is to be judged by the professional expertise of the videographer and we shall not be held liable further than this judgement. Please be assured that we take all reasonable precautions to prevent such losses.

Organisational and Additional Fees:

  1. The client is responsible for arranging permissions for the filming of their wedding day (with vicars, registrars and venues, for example).
  2. The client should provide a meal to be served at a time when no filming is required (i.e whilst wedding guests also eat)

Special Requests and Coverage:

  1. We naturally endeavour to capture each aspect of the wedding day to our high standard, although we cannot be held responsible for the impact of any adverse filming conditions or situation out of our control (weather, ambient lighting, restricted visual/audio positioning, venue audio equipment, for example) on our ability to capture any particular aspect of the wedding day, to any particular standard.
  2. The client understands and accepts that the video coverage will be as the videographer’s professional expertise and style determines. Special requests that deviate from our offering are not binding instruction, although of course every effort will be made to meet the client’s special wishes. If the client would like any objective revisions made to the film, these must be received in writing via email with any relevant timings within 7 days of delivery of the videos. This is limited to 30 minutes of complementary postproduction, with any further editing required being chargeable at £65 per hour depending upon the availability and discretion of the videographer.

Delivery & Archives:

  1. Our average film delivery stands at 5 weeks after receiving the song choices from our couples. We endeavour to deliver your films within 6 weeks of this, yet we cannot guarantee a delivery schedule.
  2. Please note we keep a master copy of your film for a year. If you require additional copies after this time we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

Government Restrictions

12. If any government restrictions (due to a pandemic, for example) prevents your wedding day taking place, you shall be able to transfer your paid deposit across to a new booking, if we are available, to use against the cost of booking the new date. Alternatively, you can receive a refund of your paid deposit if i am unavailable for the alternative date.

Arranging Your Deposit:

  1. Once you’ve agreed to these terms via the booking form, drop us an email to arrange your deposit payment.