This was a pretty long time ago, in fact it was during my first year of filming weddings; back when i was still trying to find my style. The reason i still showcase this film is because it represents a turning point for me, a “eureka!” moment when i was like ‘THIS is what i want to create for people” and since then my style has become more refine, yet still based on this ‘original recipe’

Hi Ben,

Just wanted to drop you a note so say how massively we thankful we are for the video. You have captured the mood of our wedding with ultimate accuracy and perfectly balanced emotion with humour. The execution and delivery are of the highest standard and we are eternally grateful for your obvious enthusiasm and eye for detail.

We will treasure this for the rest of our lives as the true essence of our special day. Thank you so much. We are extremely happy and cannot wait to share with those who were not able to make it, and those whom will want to relive it.

Thank you so much

Paul & Monica